Sep 11, 2008

Lament of Food

We need groceries. As in, we NEEED groceries. This morning, there was the whole pancake fiasco. Roommate decided she wanted to eat pancakes. Problem was, we had the mix and the milk...but no eggs. So off we went, next door to the boys dorm and took one large egg. And we made our pancakes.

Then we went to eat our pancakes.

This provided a new problem...we had no syrup. So, back we went, trudging across the porch into the boys dorm to see if they had syrup. They did. The only thing was, all of them were either in class or sleeping. So Roommate and I decided to leave them a little note on their whiteboard.

I guess the guys smelled the pancakes, because they woke up and trudged on over to our dorm for breakfast. So now, we have no food. Well, we had no food to start with. I think its time to groceries. LOTS of groceries. :)

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Deborah said...

I can still remember those days...*Sigh!*

I tagged you on my blog, so stop by for a look.