Dec 4, 2011

Soundtracks for Papers.

My weekend:

wake up. write paper. repeat.

This has been one of the worst weeks I have ever had in terms of homework and life stuff. The life-stuff I can't really get into, but it sufficiently affected the time frame I had to work on my papers.

Monday marks the end of the hellish week. On Monday, I will be handing 3 papers (one comparing The Fiddlehead and the Malahat, both of which are Canadian Literary Journals released quarterly, one about the relationship between the Lady of Shalott, and Tennyson's Elaine the Lily Maid, and the last about censorship in Charles I's England.. the latter two are both upwards of 2500 words). I will also be presenting two theses for my finals in my fourth year seminar courses.

Soundtracks of the weekend? Every Michael W Smith Christmas song I could get my hands on, MercyMe Christmas, Sting Christmas, Point of Grace Christmas, and the new Jingle Bell Rock by the Newsboys. Brilliant.

My brain is exhausted.

Word of the Day: Effectively (I have probably overused it in my papers)

Quote of the Day: Nothing. I have been staring at a computer screen all day...

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