Nov 29, 2011

1000 Gratitudes, Late November Days.

It is essay season for me.
I have (had) 9 papers due before next Friday.
Then exams.

So, 1000 Gratitudes. I need to remember to be thankful.

14. Blaring Jesus Culture music as I write papers.
15. Luther: he's such a good fish.
16. Dorm dinners with boys who cook fancy(ish) meals.
17. Knowing that I love writing papers.
18. Jordan Bokma, the brownie man (and also our digital editor).
19. Post-its. I actually legitimately love these things.
20. Puddles and warmth in November.
21. Advent Sunday number one. LOVE having 30 days to prepare for the coming of my Saviour.
22. Christmas tree lights, and the coziness they bring to a dorm.
23. Green headphones.
24. The smell of fresh baking.
25. Amanda's laugh. I think I'm always thankful for this.
26. Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Word of the Day: Protrudant(ent?)

Quote of the Day: Sean: So, which of my two boys would you like to see mud-wrestle?
Abigail: Can I choose you?
Ha, Awesome.

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