Dec 12, 2011

The Luther Story

Luther is my new Betta. He was purchased in September, just before school began. Dan had Northrop for the summer, which was all snowfalls and roses until Northrop died. I have a hard time without a fish, now (emotional attachment issues), and I have a harder time remembering that Luther's name is Luther and not Northrop (I call him Northrop at least 4 times a week, and Amanda scoffs at me, every single time).

Well, seeing as I've been having camera problems (site earlier blog entry where I recounted my camera falling to the bottom of the lake), I decided just to pull off a photo of a blue betta fish (since Luther is blue), that resembled Luther most.

iStock photo. Borrowed from a website that had a lovely article about fish
and their habits. Thanks guys!

It actually very closely resembles Luther. He has the cool red fins close to his head. But his head is black, not light blue.

Now. Northrop was a wonderful fish. He truly was. He never complained, he was always exuded patience in the morning while waiting to be fed. He transfered well, and loved minding his own business.

Luther, on the other hand is a little rat. He loves Amanda's music, basically gives himself a concussion every morning while waiting for food, and doesn't have a strange hate of highlighters like Northrop did (which is good, I think). He has, however, a nasty habit of rearranging the bowl. I'm not kidding. He tends to get angry at the small aquarium marbles I have on the bottom, and often slaps them around the tank. He's even pushed one of the bigger rocks around, simply because it was blocking his favourite water-vine. He doesn't scare easily, and he hasn't been sick yet (I've changed the water once since I got him...)

It's humourous, really. I wrote a paper at my desk the other day and Luther decided to put on a show. I think he wanted attention, but he gave me a show. Luther bolted across the bowl, miscalculated depth perception, faceplanted into the glass, jolted back in surprise (I don't know what he was expecting), got caught in the reeds, wiggled himself out, and repeated the whole thing several (and by several, I mean at least 15) times.

He's entertaining though. Peppy. I like peppy.

Word of the Day: Mock

Quote of the Day: "Congratulations, Amanda!" (There's a story here)

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