Dec 3, 2009

Nearing the end.

Lounge chairs in the Crown Office provide an excellent place to nap.

I am taking time out of essays to jot down a few thoughts:

Christmas is coming. Wonderful. But it snowed in Juarez this week. And I will complain about this again, because Hamilton is the tropics. It doesn't snow. I wish it would, because someone has built reinforcements for a potential ice rink on the soccer field out behind AUG Hall. It just..appeared. I would like to be able to skate. I would like to be able to walk down the cute little streets in Meadowlands where garlands hang from the street lights, where cars don't dare go. I want to look up and feel the snowflakes on my face. I wonder if I have taken snow and painted it into a vision that doesn't come often enough. Perhaps that is what makes it so special. God's gift spread lightly over the earth.

I drink Spiced Chai from my travel mug tonight. The blue mug that Joel brought up to me at Redeemer last March has been getting just enough wear and tear that the butterfly stickers I stuck on the exterior are starting to wear off from being washed. Sidenote: 32 cups of tea is a lethal amount of Caffiene.

And finally,
Christmas is coming.

One essay left, out of the 13 I have had to write this semester. I cannot believe that there is nearly nothing left of the year. 2009 has been good.

Word of the Day: Brazil

Quote of the Day: "Oh! Time is doing that thing I hoped it wouldn't."

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Deborah said...

Hope that last essay went well. No snow here either.

Time has a way of doing that thing we hoped it wouldn't. So annoying ;o)!!