Nov 29, 2009


Not going to lie, Redeemer is pretty much a death trap if Velociraptors were ever to invade.

I had actually never seen Ju(a)rassic Park before coming to Redeemer. All this talk about Velociraptor attacks and the like had never been an issue. My friends in high school didn't exactly go Zombie or Dinosaur crazy. It was more along the lines of the web of all evil (Jared being the center...boys caused so many problems), Shakespeare, and Pirates. Now, my friends have this freakish obsession with Irish singers, being attacked by Velociraptors, the chance of survival in every room if Zombies were to attack...yes, we are college students. It sounds like an entry out of MyLifeIsAverage.

Last night was the final night of A Midsummer Night's Dream. It is one of my favourite Shakespeare comedies. I went to see it with Amanda and Perry, and I was quite impressed. The production had an Asian spin on it, which I am not sure I liked, just because it did not work with the faery aspect. Puck just seemed too vindictive and dark. But the Mechanicals were well cast, and so were the 'star crossed lovers'. Shakespeare's literary genius never depresses.

Word of the Day: Negatory

Quote of the Day: 'Good to know I can be used as Currency!' -Me

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