Dec 16, 2009


Just Copy and Paste the links. I don't know why they aren't working.

Now, that is one of the most entertaining websites I have ever come across. Click it and see for yourself. Watch the entire thing, and there is no sound, so don't worry about it scaring everyone.

This one is just funny.

And, can you believe it? It is nearly Christmas! It isn't quite time to think about Christmas though. I have had exams, and the last issue of the Crown for the 2009 year (which is also the last issue of the decade. Pretty stellar). Plus, putting in a lot of time consuming work in for the Crown in general. We are sending out the issue to the Alumni in the Hamilton area in the hopes that some will subscribe. So, if you are interested, here's the plug. You have until Friday to make up your mind. Leave me a comment and I will get in contact with you, you know, all 10 readers I have. : )

So yes, tedious work. The company didn't fold the papers for us this time, so I spent two hours this afternoon, with the EIC's wife and our Digital Editor, folding all the papers. Then, we had to distribute them in the mailboxes. Then, we had to fill envelopes with the letter to the Alumni, explaining what's going on, a subscription form (just in case), and the Crown issue. 776 envelopes and 4 hours later, Tim, Danielle and I were finished. The EIC had to sign all the letters, which is a pretty ridiculous job.

Oh yeah! And I write exams! I have one left, but it is in the last time slot of the last day. Most unfortunate. Then, it will be Christmas. Preparing for Christ is exciting, but so is the fulfillment of the promise.

"Oh come, o come Immanuel. And ransom captive Israel."

Word of the Day: Facetious

Quote of the Day: "Next year, we'll put a sign on the bedroom door that says BK Lounge! " Amanda Fraliegh

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