Dec 31, 2009

A Decade in Retrospect.

Well, I suppose it is that time of year. We are wrapping up another year, and another decade! It seems like a lot of excitement!

I don't really want to do anything special for today's post, just thank the LORD that this year has been so wonderful, and so full of surprises. And not only this year, but also the entire decade. To think that 10 years ago I was, well, 10! I think its safe to say I have grown a lot. In fact, I get to say, 'yeah man, I was a teenager during those 00s!' (alright, not as appealing as the claim to 90s teenage fame, but give me some credit).

Remember where we have come from. 2000- brand new millenium! 2001- the attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon. 2004- Tsunami strikes Indian Ocean Coastline. 2005- Hurricane Katrina. 2008- Barack Obama elected first black U.S. President. It's been a busy decade.

Amidst all of that we seem to live our lives, day after day, sometimes in complete oblivion to world events. By the grace of God alone are we here. Our lives are so small, so insignificant. I was out on the playground in elementary school when the Twin Towers fell. When Hurricane Katrina unleashed its wrath on New Orleans, I was likely working a shift at the BK Lounge. (I know I was working a shift at the BK Lounge when Michael Jackson was declared dead.) Call me a realist, but each of our lives is such a profound mystery to every other.

But isn't it cool that we continue to live to see the light of the next day? I think there is only thanksgiving that can be offered.

Sure, 2010 is the start of something new, something maybe grand and fabulous. It may be a time of great trial and tribulations. For a lot of you, its time to start looking over the past year and set goals for the next.

But what if this year, you just said thanks for being alive. For living. Really living. For the mundane, and the extraordinary. For the tears and the smiles. For the experiences you'd like to forget and for those you'd like to remember. Give thanks to the One who has given you life. And then, make 2010 worth it-in the eyes of God.

Word of the Day: Regal

Quote of the Day: "Can you smell my hair? Does it smell like shampoo, or Oliebollen?" Kristen

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Deborah said...

Beautiful post, Brittany!

Wishing you a blessed 2010!