Dec 10, 2009

Beauty is More Than Just Skin Deep


I pretended to read this morning, but instead, I was slyly watching my roommate get ready. She changed her outfit about 8 times, trying to decide whether to wear the hat, or not to. She flattened her hair for about half an hour straight (I couldn't tell what she was doing to make it look any different) and spent another 20 minutes deciding on which scarf to wear.

I think the entire process was nearly an hour.

I don't understand girls' need to primp. I don't honestly think it makes much of a difference. Especially since, for my roommate, she is beautiful. She is just..beautiful. God created her the way he wanted her to be, and so spending hours upon hours putting on makeup, finding the perfect outfit doesn't seem like the most spectacular use of anyone's time. Me? It takes me a total of half an hour to shower, dry, straighten my hair, throw some makeup on my face, and decide I'm ready to face the day. My choice of clothing doesn't affect what my friends think of me. I'm grateful for that.

It's just discouraging when I see my roommate spend so much time trying to look just right, when she already is exactly as God wishes her to be. And that's beautiful; inside and out.

And now, for some exam prep and study. Oh the semester is nearly finished and Christmas is in sight!

Word of the Day: Snowflake

Quote of the Day: "And now your door is exquisite for the next time you choose to visit!" -Note on Dr. Faber's door post re-decorating.


Maria said...

Revenge will be sweeter than the amount of sugar packets on that door.

Deborah said...

It's good to be comfortable with who you are. Some of us just take longer than others to get there :o)!

Happy studying!!