Nov 11, 2009

More xkcd.

I definitely have this more since I have read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Also, writing a paper for religion on Mark 1:1-20. Why didn't Mark insert the Genealogy of Jesus or the birth of Jesus in his gospel? This confuses me to no end, and there is not one general agreement that theologians and biblical scholars (yes, they aren't the same thing, blew my mind too) can decide upon. Of course, this is frustrating. Someday, if I remember, I'll ask Mark myself.

The most epic part of my week was this: I finally gave a name to the dear and wonderful new iMac that The Crown purchased. It's name is Milton. I think it suits it quite nicely.

Word of the Day: Milton

Quote of the Day: "It's very possible I could have Jewish background! There were a lot of Jewish people in Holland, a long time ago...wait..." Nate Smit

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Deborah said...

Did you know that if you exit out the in doors and visa versa, you enter a new dimension :oP. My hubby likes to think so. He is a Hitchhiker's fan too. I wonder if that has something to do with it...