Nov 25, 2009

Essaying Exhaustion

I have been completely immersed in school work for the last few weeks. Next week I have my last 4 essays due: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. My brain and body are very close to absolute exhaustion. This weekend is well needed, and well deserved.

My study music has been a collection of piano tunes I picked up off the radio on my iTunes, and Michael W. Smith's 'Christmastime'.

That is all I really have to say. Exhaustion is just....there. Maybe I just need to sleep...long and deeply.

Word of the Day: Impress

Quote of the Day: "I decided to screw homework." Chad Haverkamp.

1 comment:

crazysleeper said...

Nicely put am going through the same thing. Though haven't put it into words. No points for guessing though as to why!!! cheers best of luck