Nov 17, 2009

Disney Made Me Proud

It's been a slightly obnoxiously long time since I have blogged. I know that it has been too long when my account makes me sign in again.

We have dorm inspections tomorrow. The night has been full of vaccumming up ladybugs, dusting, cleaning sinks and garbage cans, moving furnature and laundry. I cleaned the oven this weekend, and that was an adventure all its own. I think my abs got a good work out from that.

I'm trying to remember anything super exciting that has happened, but the world has just been going through the motions of school. However, I would be awful if I didn't mention that my lovely little sister was here. In fact, the amusement of our weekend involved two wonderful songs. And these are them.

This next one has the lyrics with it. When Kristen and I heard them the first time, we thought the lyrics near the end were "No one persecutes harmless grandpas like Gaston." Turns out the real lyrics are "No one persecutes harmless crackpots like Gaston." I still am not sure which lyrics I like better. But Disney made me proud, either way.

Let's be honest. You want a guy like Gaston too.

Word of the Day: Henry

Quote of the Day: "If it gets awkward, I'll just kick you discretely under the table. Or I will yell out 'Velosiraptor'." Will Thorburn

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