May 16, 2009

Life Lessons Learned

Ladies, I am about to share something profound with you all that may save you from the pain I have gone through. Gentlemen, this may also prove useful to you.

Tonight I decided to wax my legs. I have done it with the Veet strips before. They didn't hurt all that much and the results were not bad. A few hairs missed here and there, but not a bad job for the easier wax strips. As I went through my home cupboards tonight, thinking to myself, 'my my I have hairy legs right now!' I came across some Veet Wax that my sister had purchased last summer and used once. So, running my hand up and down my hairy legs, I thought, 'yes, this could work.'

I learned an important lesson tonight. Shave! For the amount of prep work needed for the manual wax strips, heating and cooling the wax and then ripping the strips off of my leg, it did not yeild the results I had hoped. AND IT HURT LIKE (fill in the blank)!!! So, for those of you who are 'wax virgins' I make 2 suggestions. 1) Stick to your razor. Shaving is less prep work, and quite painless. 2) Buy the Veet no wax strips if you still think waxing sounds like a good idea.

On a different note, I have a riddle. How many New Orleans' Pizza employees does it take to change an outside garbage? The answer: 2! Let's start from the beginning. Two of the girls that work in the Pizza place beside the BK Lounge went out to change the garbage in their parkinglot. Nosily, my manager and I watched from the Drive Thru window. They walked out, with their big yellow elbow-high gloves to change a garbage. A few seconds later, they turned around, walked back inside the restaurant, and re-emerged with 2 garbage bags (hmmm, who would have thought you needed those?). Okay, so now they were ready. Well, here's where it got fun. It took the two of them and their gloves to pull the garbage bag out, not because it was full, or heavy, but because it was garbage. The bag was only about the size of those black ones we use around the house..about as sturdy too. Once said bag had been pulled and tied, they proceeded to stick 2 new bags into the outside garbage. It was a little windy, we'll give them that, but their method was totally wrong. You never fully open the garbage bag until after it is inserted into the garbage bin, or else you risk it flying away like a kite. Can you guess what happened? Oh yes, flying bags. After a game of catch, they had managed to insert both new garbage bags, and then they had to put the lid back on. The two girls stuck the lid on so that it faced towards the lamppost that makes its home about 6 inches beside the garbage bin. Yes, we smiled.

Now, the next task was bringing the full garbage bag back to the dumpster. Ew, gross, there was a leak (make appropriate flailing arm gestures). When they had discovered this, the unlucky one who started to carry the bag away decided to drag it along the ground, only to have the bag rip open and trash begin to fall out. Riddle 2: How many girls does it take to clean up a parkinglot full or garbage?

We laughed and shook our heads.

Word of the Day: Ow.

Quote of the Day: "In one swift and decisive movement, remove the strip against the direction of hair growth."

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Deborah said...

One word. Ouch!!