Nov 3, 2011

Bartering Bills and eReaders

Nick, my dear friend who is teaching me the ways of the road, typically gets paid by beer. We go driving for an hour or more, and then we go get beer.

But recently, we have taken to arguing stupid things over said beers. The result, bets over who is right and therefore who will be paying the following week's bill.

Last week the standoff was whether or not Nick was taller than George Clooney. This week, it pertained to whether the wolf or pigs won in the original Three Little Pigs fairy tale. If the wolf won, I'm paying, if the pigs won, he's paying. However, if the story of The Three Little Pigs was not, as we presumed, to be a Grimm's Fairy Tale, we'd split the bill like nice friends and continue with a new bet next week.

Yeah, we definitely signed that. It was on a Crabby Joe's napkin.

Also, stopped at Chapters yesterday to pick up a gift for a friend. They had their new Kobo Colour Touch eReader. Happy. I might have found love in books. (Christmas, perhaps?) I can even get a pretty leather cover that is magnetic and makes it look like a real book. I might have crossed over to the darkside of reading's future...

Still, my bookshelf will never be neglected. I like turning pages. eBooks don't have smells and feels, just words.

In potential future endeavors, it might be a useful thing to have. And it's pretty.

Word of the Day: Spaghetti Squash

Quote of the Day: "There is copulation everywhere!" Papa-Fabes.


Nicole Rose said...

An annotated answer:

Ps. Maybe the coolest reason to look up an old story anyone has ever given me.

sugarnuggets said...

say it isn't so.....