Jan 9, 2011

Sadie Hawkins Dance

As a jump start to a semester (and to provide a fun celebration of the return of the schoolyear) Amanda's RA group decided to host a Sadie Hawkins Dance. A Sadie Hawkins Dance is one of those old school dances where the girls ask the guys. This particular dance was also Semi-Formal. I've included a few photos.

 My good friend Jer was my date!

 My lovely dorm! (Left to right: Becca, Emily, Meghan, Me, Meredeth, Christine. Front: Amanda, Jenny)

I wore Erica's dress that she left behind when she went to France. She told me it would come in handy for something! :D

My girls are just beautiful. We started dance preparations (something which Meghan refers to as the 'boyfriend routine') around 3pm. This was the nail polish part of the prep process. We sat sprawled out on the living room floor with bottles of nail polish. Mine are now painted a rather bright blue. In fact, I have a cardigan that is nearly the same colour. 

This was followed by the modelling period of the day, where all the girls tried to decided what dresses to wear... all the girls except for Meredeth, who was still quite determined that she was not going to come. That changed at about 6:30pm. But I'll get there.

4pm marked makeup time. Emily did all of our makeup. Our eyes looked incredible! She received a really amazing set of eyeshadows and blush and toner. She had every colour you can imagine, and she did an awesome job! I wish we had taken photos of everyone's eyes up close, because she matched colours to dresses and skin tone.. awesome. 

At the end of the make-up time, we finally coaxed Meredeth into coming. Meghan straightened Becca's hair, my hair and Emily's hair. I did my own hair, twisting it into this cute knot thing. I did Mer's hair at about 7:15pm. After everyone had decided what shoes to wear (Christine came out with two different shoes on, trying to decide which ones she liked better), Becca decided she was going to wear one of my dresses, Mer also decided she was going to wear one of my dresses, and I decided I was going to wear Erica's dress. 

At 7:45 (Dance started at 8) the boys showed up. Here are some snapshots! 

 Josh and Meghan

 Chad and Amanda

(Left to Right) Emily, Mer, Mitch, Andrew, Christine, and Becca

Everyone had a great time. Meredeth was the last one to come home. She enjoyed it more than she thought she would.

Today was spent nursing sore feet and watching Big Bang Theory in the afternoon.

Word of the Day: Bazinga

Quote of the Day: "It's okay, you can always come in for the last Bang!" Meredeth

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