Jan 24, 2011

Because it's been too long...

The Crown is out. 

I have done rather extensive amounts of sleeping since I have returned from my adventures to Montreal. Kristen was up this weekend. She slept on the floor.

Thank you to Erica for eagerly awaiting my next blog entry.

I wrote the editorial for this month's Crown (not to mention redesigned the layout).

I watched only the good songs from Hairspray.

Ambition to get anything done would be strongly appreciated. So if anyone has any to spare, I could use it. 

Sorry that this is uninteresting.

Word of the Day: Polemical

Quote of the Day: "The one time I wanted to get screwed!" Meghan


Erica said...

I am so flattered!

Seriously, though, don't apologize for this being 'uninteresting'. I want to read about everything I'm missing in people's lives this year, not just the most interesting highlights. I imagine I'm not alone in that!

Anonymous said...

Ambition = motivation? There's a critical shortage of that on campuses across North America, I think… have you tried the black market?