Jan 1, 2011

Am I a Bookworm?

I don't really need an answer to this question, because I already know that the answer is yes. The question is, to what extent am I a bookworm?

Let's examine the situation, shall we?

1) When I moved into my dorm this September, my bookcase was bulging at the seams. I had accumulated so many books over the course of my first two years that tupperware containers and Redeemer bookshelves just weren't doing the job anymore. So, I asked Mom to donate the downstairs bookshelf (a 6 shelf wall length synthetic wood shelf) to my cause. She did. It is now a vital part of my dorm, housing both my books and about 15 pairs of shoes.

2) I carry anywhere between 2-8 books with me at all times. I usually have a book in my purse. If I am going to be away from my bookshelf for longer that 2 days, I tend to bring half of it with me. This Christmas, I brought home 7 books. (Lost in a Good Book and The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde. Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Grapes of Wrath by John Steinback. The Portrait of the Artist by James Joyce. Mere Disciple by Jeff Strong.) I've finished one, and nearly finished another. Two of them I have been working on for quite sometime. One of them I was going to read, as my roommate and I use it as a devotional...

3) I have a very difficult time parting with textbooks. Even those pesky little (and overpriced) coursepacks...those stay on my shelf. With those, my logic is simple... the information might come in handy someday! (I've yet to reopen a coursepack).

4) I have never left a bookstore without purchasing a book. My favourite are the used bookstores with books that have that old and musty smell to them. It is actually the best place to pick up Classics - especially Classics with pretty covers and interesting insciptions. I really enjoy opening a book's cover and seeing all the people who have previously owned it - kind of like, when I was in elementary and high school, the first thing I did when I recieved my textbooks (my goodness do we ever take FREE textbooks for granted) was look at who used the textbook the year before. It was always a fun surprise...all the better if the person who used it previously was a cute boy!

I suppose I could go on, but I think I have made my point.

Word of the Day: placid

Quote of the Day: "Cork in the hole. That'd be a good drinking game, I should patent that!" Uncle Ken

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The dB family said...

I don't think you want to know how many book shelves I have. I even went through a get rid of session in the spring, but somehow I can't bring myself to take the boxes away.