Sep 25, 2010

Life in Dorm 17

The following are a collection of photographs from the last 3 weeks. (I did promise they would come!)

Frog Olympics. Black Team came in 2nd Place!

Niagara Falls. Six of Eight sitting on the really big chair.

Beth and I thought we were pretty cool, being all Royal Mountie and Moose-like.

The next two photographs were done by Maryanne Farrow. She is a Redeemer Alumnist and good friends with Amanda. Paired with fun outfits and sunshine, they turned out quite lovely.

These girls are wonderful, beautiful; created in the image of God.

Word of the Day: apparition

Quote of the Day: Today's quote is the sound of the raindrops, finally.

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sugarnuggets said...

I love the girl pics...every personality can be captured by clothes and footwear, no?