Sep 21, 2010

Public Service Announcements

Introducing something new.

Or, someone new.

Someones new?

I think. Can someone be made plural?



Two of the girls in my dorm have started a blog! I feel compelled to announce them over my own blog, and so, I send you their way! Take a glance, stay awhile. They are friendly people, I guarantee it! (They also smell pretty good, but that really isn't relevant to their writing, thoughts, and posts.)

Introducing Meredeth!
Introducing Emily!

In other news,

The first Crown Issue of the season has made it to stands! I encourage passers-by to click on over to The Crown's website for a look into what made headlines this month. The Crown has had a change over of staff; a new EIC, Managing Editor, Digital Editor and Copy Editor. It is an exciting year. Volume 28 has sit 'news-stands' now!

I also picked up a cold. I haven't been sick all summer, but now, the first day of Autumn, and low and behold - Headcold!

Erica has made it safely to France; she got her Student Visa the day she was supposed to leave. So, she has made it safe and sound. Her musings can be found here.

I will post photographs later. There are many of those to come!

Word of the Day: Advil

Quote of the Day: "Every time I turn around, I'm afraid someone is going to throw a spitball at me." Dr. Bertone

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sugarnuggets said...

That would be Advil Cold and Sinus....headcold here too! Boooo!!
Nice to meet "someone" new...:)