Oct 6, 2010

A Prayer

One of the girls in my dorm have started a morning prayer group.

This morning at 7am several students gathered in the prayer room and spent an hour praying for the school. It was awesome.

In my first year, a group of RAs got together and started early morning prayer, but after they graduated last year, that group sort of died off. One of my girls realized that there is a strong need for prayer for Redeemer. She saw a need for active prayer. And she made it happen.

This morning was the first meeting. 7am, in the cold, when it was still dark, we went to the school. Six students gathered and we prayed. The hour went by so quickly, and seeing God's faithfulness throughout the day was incredible.

This morning, there was also Chapel, and we were asked to write down burdens on a peice of paper and leave them at the altar. This was a great idea, except that...I was so at peace from the morning prayer that I couldn't write anything down. My day was just held in the hands of my Saviour, and I could really feel it. Everything I did, I was just at peace. It was such a great feeling.

I pray that God will bless Redeemer. I pray that Redeemer will be a light to Hamilton. I pray that the students will see and feel God move. That the staff anf faculty will reflect a Christ attitude in all they do. And I pray for peace.

Word of the Day: thenst

Quote of the Day: "You know what I'm talking about. That love at first sight. You are at a party, and your eyes meet, and something goes BOING!" -Dr. Loney


sugarnuggets said...

That's awesome!
Know the feeling...
...and that's classic Loney!!
It reads like you are loving every minute of these days!


Jannette said...

I love "bathing" a day in prayer! Why are we then sometimes so surprised when the day goes well?