Sep 10, 2010

The Beginning and the Looming Sleep Cloud

Remember how I complained that I was bored?

Remember when I said that I was looking forward to my brain having something useful to think about?

Well, school started.

Last week was RA/HA training. This is one of the most intense weeks of the year. It is when all the RAs and HAs get fed with mountains of information on how to save lives, invest in the dorm spiritually, use a fire extinguisher, and deal with any up and coming problems that may arise during the year. Its all fine and dandy, until you are so overwhelmed by seeing all your friends that you have missed so much over the course of the summer, that it cuts so far into your hours of sleep that you suffer near exhaustion by the end of the week.

And then you move the girls in and realize that you have become old and incapable of keeping up with 18 year olds and their fast paced, witty, conversations.

And then you start with the classes, and the homework starts to pile on. And then you realize that there is no way to have sleep come back to you, even though you wish for it so dearly, and it hangs above you like a looming storm cloud that only wants to lightening but never rain.

Okay, its a bit of an exaggeration.

But seriously, I have done over 40 pages of reading this morning, and I have another 300 pages to do before tonight is over.

The semester begins.

OH! The final Marineland commerical count was 95.

Word of the Day: Cabbage

Quote of the Day: "My initials are MVP...I think that pretty much makes me awesome!" Meghan VanPelt


Lynette said...

You? Not able to keep up with witty conversations? I don't know if I want to see that... :S

sugarnuggets said...

I KNEW that was going to happen when you said the "b" word!!! It always does...

Glad you are having a great your cloud analogy...I just used one in my blog too!