Jul 24, 2010

Sweet Weekend

For the first time in weeks, I have a weekend off work. So far I have:

- Had Cousin Katelyn up for a visit. We went out to dinner, the Jacob Outlet store (I got a sweet pair of pants for $5.oo) and saw Inception in theatres. Inception was unbelievably awesome. It may have trumped Toy Story 3 in my books for favourite summer movies. We took a trip to Limeridge during the day. I re-vamped my wardrobe entirely, deciding that it was time to permanently be rid of my old clothes. Those Garage tank tops from 2005 have to go.

- Cleaned the House. Anticipating a group of friends coming over tonight, I had to clean the main floor and bathrooms of the house. Kait and I get pretty lazy when we come home from work. We clean all day, and so we really don't feel an overwhelming need or desire to clean when we come home. This afternoon, following Cousin Katelyn's departure, I took an hour and a half and cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, the bathrooms on the main floor and upstairs, and the living room.

- Bought 3 new books. I know I said I wouldn't. But I recently finished the Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The problem was, in his well-readness, characters had names of other literary figures that I had heard of, but not interacted with, so I picked up a Charles Dickens novel in the hopes that it would fill in some of the blanks.

- Did laundry. I figured that before I started packing the old clothing up, I should wash it, so that when I send it to the second-hand store, it would clean. Next, I will need to start making piles in my room of new, old, Salvation Army, and Garbage. Time to clean out my drawers.

MCC: 51

Word of the Day: Sweet

Quote of the Day: "It's okay, I'm lumpyshmooface3." The guy at the Bluenotes. He was making fun of my email address.

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Anonymous said...

I sniggered internally at the connotations of using the archaic meaning of a certain word: "Time to clean out my drawers."