Jul 21, 2010

Matters of July

Time to post.

Kait and I are currently in the process of baking. She has taken on the impressive task of butter tarts, and cupcakes. I am making apple-blueberry crumble. I don't know why, but we just felt the need to bake.

My movie collection is getting larger again. I want to own as many Disney movies as I possibly can. I realize that by the time I have kids that will watch them, DVDs will probably be non-existant, and I will have wasted money, but the use they will be this upcoming year as an RA...oh, they shall be loved.

So, this weekend, HMV had a sale. And I picked up 3 movies for $30 ($20 of that was Disney).

1) Pretty in Pink: Did you know that they were originally going to cast Charlie Sheen as the male lead, where Jon Cryer plays Duckie? Would the dynamics of Two and a Half Men be the same had that been the case?

2) [500] Days of Summer: A very well done break-up story told out of order. Loved this movie. Kait and I laughed our heads off when we watched it, and I feel like I will need to watch it again a few times to pick up all the clever lines.

3) Finding Nemo: a Disney-Pixar classic. Just keep swimming. It sits on the shelf beside Tarzan, Hercules and The Incredibles. I also have The Rescuers, but Mom is borrowing that one.

Now, for the Disney movies I am waiting for to come out of the vault (so I can buy them, obviously):

- Aladdin
- Mulan
- The Lion King
- The Hunchback of Notre Dame
- Pocohontas
- The Little Mermaid
- The Rescuers Down Under
- Wall-E
- The Princess and The Frog
- The Sword and the Stone
- Peter Pan
- Robin Hood

I can live without Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Black Cauldron and a few others...

But oh, I love Disney.

MCC: 51

Word of the Day: economical

Quote of the Day: "And later in the show, we'll find out why Toronto is angry at Niagara Falls..." Chum FM morning radio host

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