Aug 22, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Rainshower

...and I sit on my bed thinking that I should fold my laundry.

...I'm beginning to make lists of all that I need to pack and wash and buy before I head back to school in a week. occurs to be how excited I was so go off to school at this time last year and be independant.

...the rain is soft, and for the first time in a week, a cool breeze wanders in through my window.

Did I do anything this summer? I worked. I went to Hamilton and Toronto for a weekend. I didn't take any holidays. I didn't do anything I had planned. So maybe this Saturday afternoon rainshower is a lament of summer. It came, it rained, it died. Maybe it is just time to get back into the excitement and busyness of school. One thing is for sure, I won't be taking along as much stuff as I did last year. I definitely didn't need everything I brought along.

MCC: 96

Word of the Day: Butterier

Quote of the Day: "You know what hasn't changed? Toilet Paper. Since I was kid, toilet paper hasn't changed, and for the next 50 000 years, toilet paper won't change. It's just toilet paper wrapped around a cardboard tube!" George from Seinfeld

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Deborah said...

Sometimes rainy days are good -- even if they are a lament of summer.