Aug 10, 2009

The Clouds Farted

Here's what becomes of a car ride with my Dad.

"That was quite the lights show we had last night. Do you know how fast lightning travels. I bet if they could harvest the electricity from Lightning, they would solve all the world's energy problems. See that cloud over there, it's going to produce tornados. The clouds that produce tornados are the ones that look like pots. " (It looked more like the lantern from Disney's Aladdin than anything else..) "All you would have to do is hook the CN Tower or something up to the power grid!"

Sigh. Dad's train of thought.

To which I responded,

"Look at that poof! It looks like the cloud farted."

MCC: 77

Word of the Day: Jovial

Quote of the Day: "I believe all questions and problems of the universe can be answered in a Spielberg film." (Dawson, from Dawson's Creek)


stampinganja said...

That's funny, Brittany, that's something my boys would say.....
Are you having fun with Kristen?
Make sure your mom behaves. Enjoy, Anja

Deborah said...