Aug 15, 2009

The Exchange

Yes, we accept U.S. Dollars. No, we do not do the exchange rate. Yes, you're going to get ripped off if you use cash. Oh, you don't WAAANT to use your credit card? (The exchange will be calculated on the bill when you get it back in the mail). Why don't we return USA Dollars with USA Dollars? Erm, let's think about this, YOU'RE IN CANADA!

I don't understand why it is that when American passers through take a trip into our good ole BK Lounge, they find the need to harass us cashiers about everything from not returning their change in USA dollars, to questioning why the prices are so high, to my all time favourite ,'You don't have Iced Coffee? They have Iced Coffee in the YOU-nited States, how come you don't sell it here?' I am so sick of answering these questions.

So here we go, the Universal answers.

We do not offer the exchange rate. You're in Canada, get over it. You wouldn't go to Europe and expect to pay in U.S. Dollars, so suck it up. If you weren't smart enough to exchange your money, don't cry because you are spending your Abe Lincolns on fast food. Either that, or use your credit card, don't you have enough of those?

Why should we give you back American money in change? We don't do the exchange rate. If I was shopping in the States, I couldn't just pull out my Wilfred Lauriers and expect them to be taken. Nor would I expect to be given back Canadian change, because, by golly, most USA stores wouldn't have extras of that lying around.

No, no, NO iced coffee. Get over it. Tim Hortons is 2 minutes down the road. No, there's no Starbucks. Why not? Did you read the population sign on your way in?

Not all world countries drink their Iced Tea as literal iced tea. Here in Canada we have Nestea. Nestea IS sweetened. I would assume it's sweetened in the USA too. You're in a different country, adapt to the culture. Canada isn't just an extended US ofA.

Prices are much higher here. A whopper combo is $7.10. Seems ridiculous, doesn't it? Well, my dear American travellers, I thank you for contributing to our health care and schooling systems with your purchase of a triple whopper with cheese, bacon, large fry (because the poutine is too many calories), a side order of mozzarella sticks, and, wait for it...a diet coke. Oh, wait, did I say health care is paid for by whoppers? Hmmm, looks like taxes for hospitals isn't such a bad idea. Not to mention minimum wage is higher (which they all think is wonderful).


No, I cannot accept U.S. Dollar bills over $20. No, that's a $50 dollar bill. Why don't I accept it? Fraud. You don't have that in your country? HA!

The speed limit here is in Km/h. You weren't driving 120 m/h down the highway were you?

Erm, no, that's the price of gas per litre. About 4 litres in a gallon. ABOUT 4 LITRES IN A GALLON. Yes, thank you, gas IS expensive here. Well, you know, if our government wouldn't sell it to you so that you could sell it back to us, there wouldn't be so much of a problem.

Ten (and this is my favourite).
C-How much is a quarter worth?
M-How much is it worth in the States?
C- 25 cents, how much is it worth here?
M- 15 cents.
C- Oh, okay. But are dimes and nickles worth the same?
C-What about pennies?

My job is disheartening sometime.

MCC: 78

Word of the Day: Trivial

Quote of the Day: "Two fish sandwiches please. And make sure it's two fish sandwiches, otherwise I will be getting a divorce." Old dutch man that comes in.

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joyce said...

ok...just a minute....i'm done laughing now.....sounds like you had a really good day!! Glad to see you take your frustrations out on your blog and not me!!!