Aug 4, 2009

Equity in Beanie Babies

It's amazing the things we keep. Ive spent the better half of the day 'de-crapping' my room. No, not decluttering, because my room is not cluttered. But like every woman, I have boxes of this, that and the other thing. All of which probably had meaning at some point or another. The fun part is getting rid of it all.

Well, not all of it.

Certainly not keepsakes such as this gem of a letter I recieved from my best friend (I would guess we were probably 7 or 8). Letter is not altered at all.

Hi Brittany!
I've seen Mulan! It was not funny, it was sad AND funny. i was going to write this note on a post card but there wasn't enough room. What have you been doing for the last half month? because out here I've been bored, bored, bored! Oh and by the way I haven't been reading my Zak attack book. What I've been reading is Full House Michelle calling all planets. It's a really good book!(sounds like it!) I started swimming lessons on Monday July 20th, my thecher's name is Jen I'm in level fore. My dad had a week of and on the last day we went to a shower. There is only a month left till Chad and liz's wedding.
Please write back.
Love: Kelsey

So you can see why I couldn't throw this out! It's fun, because after all these years, Kelsey and I are still close friends.

I was also amused when I came across the "Ultimate Beanie Baby Handbook"! I discovered I have quite a bit of equity stored away in my closet with all the old toys. Not enough to pay tuition, but perhaps in another 10 years?

MCC: 69

Word of the Day: techniquely

Quote of the Day: "When my world explodes, when my stars touch the ground, falling down like broken satellites. All of my world rests on your love." Switchfoot (Jon Foreman)

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Deborah said...

You mean there's financial hope for all the stuffed animals in this house?!?

Btw, I saw a Marineland commercial the other day. Only thing is I don't remember where because we never watch tv.