Jul 28, 2009

PBS, Basements, and Other Such Treasures

I suppose I should make an effort to blog a bit more.

Monday went stampin' with Mom's friends and Stephanie. Nothing too brilliant came from that trip. Just a lot of laughs.

Today involved some cleaning of the basement. It's amazing what one can find. Turns out my mom went through a Kenny Rodgers phase in her life. I think she owned every one of his records. It was definitely entertaining going through all sorts of old stuff that had been forgotten about. Random bulletins and church newsletters, magazine clippings, and the real gem of the day: a prank letter from my dad's old work. It was from the 'unification committee' letting employees know about the new procedures to be taking place. You knew it was crock when they mentioned that 10:15 am was hug time, and that 3pm all employees would be required to come to the sales floor and sing 'kumbayah'. I think I giggled for 5 minutes about that.

MCC: 62

Word of the Day: caffienated

Quote of the Day: "I'm perfectly happy being married to a man who thinks that PBS is what women get once a month." "I actually said that once a month was enough for PBS" (conversation between Jill and Tim on Home Improvement)

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