Jul 20, 2009

Funnier at the Time?

A weekend in Toronto/Hamilton.

All wonderful. The best included Shakespeare in the Park. Better spent with two wonderful friends, don't you think? It was eventful...to say the least. Among Saturday's spectacle was a joke played by Maria and Joel, many witty and crude remarks, extensive trips across the GTA and a picnic in the park. Sunday involved an experience. I slept over at Joel's house Saturday night, and hadn't really met his family yet (as we had been gone to Maria's on Saturday). I woke up and came down to find his mom and dad sitting in the living room having coffee. Shower was in use, so I had to wait. Might as well make conversation in my PJs, right? Funny thing is, Joel's dad is also a professor at Redeemer, and happens to be my faculty representative. He and I have never really met. A first impression? Strange teenager comes down stairs with old gym shorts and excessively baggy t-shirt as pajamas. Bed head and bad breath included. It had been explained earlier that I was sleeping over, and that no, I was not Joel's girlfriend, but just a random friend from school (who has corrupted their poor son's mind with public school trash) and an extreme case of sarcasm. Oh yes, Brittany, way to start off on the right foot! (get it Joel?)

The weekend was fun. I was happy to spend some times with friends who speak my language (that is novels and poetry).

MCC: 54

Word of the Day: Breadstick

Quote(s) of the Day: "I enjoyed your stairs almost as much as I enjoyed your bed!" (Joel to Maria)
"The second smartest dog on the planet? And this might surprise you...The poodle. I am a little disappointed in God right now." George Strompolopolous


Maria said...

I'm going to be laughing about those for a long time to come. First of all, thank you for not elaborating on the breadsticks. Second ... I've got nothing in response to your quote.

Anonymous said...

I mildly resent the implication that you're the source of my corrupt mind, I think my corruptedness predates your influence…though I don't deny it benefits from it :P

The thing about starting off on the right foot (yes, very clever, btw.) is that you need to keep up the good work.
What surprised me about that scene was that you were still wearing 'the king's eyes' (hehe, I love Shakespeare jokes :D)

Anonymous said...

ps. cute feet :P