Dec 31, 2008

A Thing of the Past

I always enjoy looking back on every year. It's important for us to look over our pasts and learn from what we have done. There is no point in trying to change what has happened.

We've all done it. We sit there on New Years Eve and ponder the previous year. We sum up all the peculiar moments, that for whatever reason stick out in our memories as important, and then we replay these moments in our minds, thinking, 'what could I have done differently?'. I know I do this every year, and it's okay.

I know that there are some fights I have had that I could have handled better, disagreements I should have just kept my mouth shut about, even second-guessing myself where not needed. I'm 19 years old, to me, everything is life or death.

Well, not actually life or death, but you get the jist of that. I'm one of the many people who is going to reflect on the past year, and then make a New Years Resolution, as if that is going to help. I always like the resolutions to lose weight, or stop eating a certain food, or get organized. The ones where people try and change a distinct part of who they am..those are my favourites. Those are also the least successful. I remember one year, my New Years resolution was to eat an apple every day. That lasted about a week, before I got sick of the taste, and remembered why I didn't eat apples every day in the first place.

This year, my resolution is perhaps an enhancement of who I already am. I love to read, but I never have enough time to read everything I want to. So this year, I'm making room. My goal is to read 1 book every two weeks, which I think is a good idea, especially after school work, and extra currics, 26 books a year seems reasonable.

In the mean time, as I say goodbye to 2008, all its rays of sunshine and flakes of snow. Every tear, every smile, every glitter in an eye. It was a good year, full of new experiences, old memories, and grand finales.

Goodbye 2008. You've been good.

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