Dec 3, 2008


Not apples.
Not universes.
Not even hard.

No, this core is something I hated from the beginning.

I called it Math for Dummies, and for good reason. This course is probably the bain of my existance. It's a waste of time. I took it, because I didn't take Grade 12 mathematics. Once I was done Grade 11 math, I figured that I would never have to take the stupid course again (sorry to any of you math fans out there..).

Then I came to Redeemer. They told me that I needed to take MAT 101 (Math for Dummies) because I did not have the Grade 12 math course. So I figured, alright, I'll take the dumb thing in first year and get it over with. Dumb!

Today, we received notices in our mail boxes from the school telling us that the Math and Second Language cores have been removed. That, for those students who have taken one of these courses, such course would be added as an elective. AN ELECTIVE? Are they kidding me? I suffered through an entire course of material I don't give a crap about and now they are telling me it counts as an elective? If I wanted an elective course, I would have taken something I actually enjoy. Like psychology, or a second year english. But no, now I am stuck with this stupid math course.

Have I mentioned that I totally and completely despise math? Because I do.
Math for Dummies.
A waste of time,
A waste of a course,
and a huge waste of my (well, actually, the school's..) money.


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Deborah said...

Aargh! I took this course too. I only passed because I had an awesome tutor and I don't think the prof ever wanted to see me again. Unfortunately, it also affected my average in a big way.