Jun 8, 2013

Weekend DIY: Bottle Vase

What you need:

1. Old liqour bottle
2. Twine, string, or ribbon
3. A pair of scissors
4. A knife
5. A bowl of boiled water

First, you need to soak the old alcohol bottle in the boiled water for about twenty minutes. When the water has cooled, peel the packaging off the outside of the bottle. Use the knife to scrape off the glue and then wash the bottle thoroughly under hot water, using dish soap and a dish brush to shine the outside of the bottle. Allow to dry.

Next, choose your combination of twine/ribbon. One or both is fine. I ended up just using the twine because I liked the look of it better. 

I would also advise touching up the nail polish on the fingers before you take a photo of yourself tying a bow on the spout of the bottle. It makes for a more aesthetically pleasing picture, which obviously I did not do. 

Tie the bow tight. You don't want it moving around when you are using your vase for flowers. I also tied mine a little to the side to give the vase an assymetrical look. 

Make sure you fix the bow so that the loops are on top and the strings are on the bottom. I also cut my strings unevenly to give it more of a vintage feel. You can do whatever you like best. 

And voila! The perfect DIY vase for those springtime flowers. 

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