Feb 8, 2012

Winter Past

Accepting that we might not see a real winter this season is not something I have done easily. I had such high hopes for the remaining winter months when it snowed like crazy here last weekend. Luckily, my camera was on hand, so I snapped some creative shots.

This week has been pretty busy, and so I have not had a chance to edit them to a point where I felt like justice was done. Now, however, as I reminisce about the ghosts of winter's past, I feel as though they are a healthy reminder of what this city should look like in the middle of February.


This is what winter should look like. However, this is not what it looks like out
my window anymore.

I love this shot. I love that you can see the snow falling. 

Word of the Day: meme

Quote of the Day: Me: "We can fellowship about our worldview about the moist, palpable cake!"
Laura: "That is an ugly sentence."

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