Feb 26, 2012


From what I can glean of the usage of the term, 'postmodernism' would
seem to designate art forms that are fundamentally self-reflexive --in
other words, art that is self-consciously art (or artifice), literature that is
openly aware of the fact that it is written and read as part of a particular
culture, having as much to do with the literary past as with the social 
present... What postmodernism has done is show how the 'natural' is in fact
the 'constructed', the made, the social.

-Linda Hutcheon, The Canadian Postmodern

"This is not a pipe." Rene Magritte

This is a constructed image of a pipe. 

Word of the Day: listless

Quote of the Day: "Turns out it was Mrs. Peacock in the Library with the Kitchen."

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