Dec 14, 2010

Snowmagedon (The Sequel)

I wonder if London's snowstorm was the calm...

The full story of the snow storm that has hit SouthWestern Ontario can be found here. And I encourage you to watch some of the footage. The woman speaking on the phone is Wilma Zondag, a wonderful person who has the gift of organization and leadership. East Christian Reformed Church was my home church for 8 years.

What people do not understand about the snowstorm is that the 402 between London and Sarnia is the only major road connecting those cities. Strathroy, my hometown, is the only town between them with 2 Tim Hortons' and more than 3 stop lights (We have about 8, and that officially make us the coolest!). So, when the news says people are stranded between London and Sarnia, in Strathroy, they aren't kidding. The stretch between Strathroy and Sarnia is farm country, completely open for blowing wind and terrible driving conditions. The 402 is a vital highway simply for the transportation of goods that come from the Sarnia/Port Huron border. So, if something like Snowmagedon hits, they aren't kidding when they say it is bad.

You can see the photos too!

Yet, I have a response to all the people who are wondering why they cannot just have the choppers that the army sent out working at a faster rate...

The weather is still bad enough, that it is dangerous for them to fly. Snowplows can't get out because there is too much snow for them to operate. Sometimes it happens that the only way to find people is to put on your snowshoes, get in your snowmobile, and go. Welcome to my neck of the woods.

The following photo was sent to me from my friend, Craig DeBoer. He lives in Wyoming, ON, which is halfway between Strathroy and Sarnia. This is what his farm looked like yesterday:

I love winter. I really do.

But I also love it when people are able to travel safely. My dad, who left for work yesterday morning, is stuck out in the snow, he's staying at someone's house near Wyoming. If it wasn't for kind strangers who were willing to take in those who managed to get out before complete disaster, the Can Forces would have a lot more work on their hands.

Word of the Day: Preposterous

Quote of the Day: "The little girl found Narnia behind a Walmart Photocentre Cashier Desk!" -Me, waiting to get a new passport photo taken

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Anonymous said...

I was driving in eastern Ontario on the morning of the 14th, and barely held it on the road a couple times :P (only slight exaggeration. we stopped at a classic truck diner for coffee, and the roads were better once we started again)