Dec 11, 2010

Exam Time

This year it doesn't feel like classes should be over. It doesn't feel like it is time for final exams.

I have my first final in about 3 hours. It sounds daunting, but I cannot imagine that it is. Here is the thing with studying.

I don't like studying. I don't actually find it to be at all productive. Sure, for things like Math, Science, and Religion, it is a very good method. But English? Shakespeare? The best it is going to do is remind me of the evil in Richard III, or tragedy of Lear, or Prospero's genius in The Tempest. I actually have a really hard time studying for English classes. The key is reading everything the first time. After that, it is just a matter of running through notes.

Word of the Day: Clandestine

Quote of the Day: "I am the trophy wife of dictators." Meghan

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