May 2, 2010


Moving was exhausting. I now have greater respect for all those people who move from house to house all the time.

Kait and I borrowed a friend's car, provided I cook him dinner. So, tonight, I will be making him Speghetti (his request). Until then, I need to move my room around and start making cards. We don't have internet, so that should give me a good amount of time to get myself organized. Probably means lots of time to read too.

(I am sitting on Redeemer's lawn right now, mooching their internet...which is what I will do when I need to watch LOST on Tuesday night as well.)

Pictures will follow.

There are chipminks living in our basement.

Kait and I are basically exhausted, because we also worked a 6 hour shift last night, cleaned the entire dorm (just the two of us) and moved everything. We are very thankful we had a vehicle.

Word of the Day: flip-flop

Quote of the Day: "Kait! You're a tank!"

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