Apr 25, 2010

Take-Home Exams

This weekend, I decided to come home. Going home is fun, because it means I can revamp my iTunes library. So, following an afternoon of going through top 100 lists for the last 20 years, my iTunes is now considerably better looking. My favourite is the wide selection of 90s boy-band music which made a cameo back into my life.

One song, in particular, brought me back to my thirteen year old self. It was my shower anthem (oh, don't laugh, everyone has one). Seriously, I learned all the words (or, what I thought were the words) and belted it out when my rubber ducky and I had a date.

Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for Wave.

Oh yeah. Everyone secretly loved this song. Of course, its close second was a Backstreet Boys song that hit the music scene in 2000.

And if that isn't enough classic 90's (slash early 2000s) music for you, please welcome the Spice Girls back into your heart (and for a live performance, this is really well done).

Really, my take-home exam is going well.

Word of the Day: procrastination

Quote of the Day: "I hermitize myself." Joel Sjaarda

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