Apr 11, 2010

Literary Embarassment

Thank-you to my mother, who bought me stickers of the Peanuts characters. Lucy (my laptop) is now decorated.

My embarassment for the weekend:
I watched New Moon with my dormies and Perry. (Perry should be more embarassed...he was the only boy watching the film, and kept trying to come up with ways he could kill a vampire)

Not to say I enjoyed the movie, because in all honesty, I think the Twilight series is one of the lamest items of fiction I have ever come across. It was designed to satisfy teenage girls who are trying to reassure themselves that there is such a thing as the perfect boy. Lucky for Bella, she has two (excuse my sarcasm, please).

So, what did I learn from the experience? Well, since this trailer pretty much included a run down of all the exciting scenes, you can imagine how silly it was.

This is Twilight: a vampire who has fallen in love with an accident-prone teenager, fights his vampire instincts to be with her. Yes, thank you, every girl's dream. She is also guarded by a werewolf (just in case), and has all the perfect lines said to her. Garlic doesn't work.

I think the best part of the night was Perry's insisting that he could, in fact, kill a vampire. I figure, if all else fails, send out Chuck Norris. Edward Cullen stands no chance.

Word of the Day: vorpal

Quote of the Day: "Isabella was destined for the traditional role that fell to gender-challenged Spanish royals, to be served up as fodder for some diplomatically opportune marriage." -A Vanished World. (how lame is it that my quote for today comes from a history textbook...)

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Maria said...

Chuck Norris is the answer to everything, he ranks up there with 42.