Mar 29, 2010

A Month in Review

Uhm. So, I did not do a very good job of blogging this month. I am sorry, readers, I will try and do a better job in April. Though, there is no guarantee, considering it is exam season, and I have 3 major papers to finish before then.

1) I got the RA position for next year. That's right, Redeemer is letting me shape the minds of next year's first year students. Oh what fun!

2) I got a job on campus for the summer. This means that this blog has really lost one dimension of its name. The BK Lounge part of my life has past. It is time to move on in the working world.

3) I am renting a house for the summer. I know! Scary thought! This is the first time I will be living away from home, on my own (not in a dorm setting) and I am pretty excited.

4) I got A's on two papers I handed in over the past 3 weeks. Yay for education!

Word of the Day: Worm Graveyard

Quote of the Day: "Can you repeat that? I can't hear you with my glasses on." Keeley


The dB family said...

Awesome news! You will enjoy the living off campus for the summer.


sugarnuggets said...

I thought maybe you gave up blogging for Lent. :)(Does that mean you vacuumed up the bugs on our windowsill too?)

Brittany said...

no. they are still there. I'll get around to that this week..

Jannette said...

Congratulations on getting the RA position!
I'm not sure how I'll be able to handle going to the BK and not seeing your smiling face, but I'll get over it....