Mar 1, 2010

Lions and Lambs

I don't know where the saying came from, but someone once asked whether March came in like a lion, or in like a lamb. It assumed that the weather (stormy, or calm) would offer a prediction as to how the month would go out. If it came in like a lion, it would go out like a lamb.

Curious images. Both images are very Biblical. The lines to a Chris Tomlin song mention Christ as the Lion and the Lamb. In fact, the Bible uses the images of both a lion and lamb to describe the Messiah. It is the contrast of these images that is powerful. That Christ could be the Lamb of God, and the Lion of Judah are juxtapositions that make the diversity of these names difficult to comprehend. But it is the importance of these images that make them so powerful. The Lion is the king. It is the stronghold. It is the animal that reigns the animal world. It is a metaphor of power, of justice, of kingship. Christ is king, indeed. The lamb, on the otherhand, though meek and timid, is a rather useless animal. It served for two purposes. Meat, and blood. The meat was obviously for eating, and the blood was used as a sacrifice. The lamb was not powerful, or kingly. Instead, it was humble. It signified Christ, coming in humility, dying a sacrifice. Christians everywhere practise the Lord's Supper, where wine and bread represent the body and blood of the Lamb.

So, what does this have to do with March?

Well, this March, it hit me. The Lion of Judah, the Lamb who was slain, gave up his life to redeem everything under heaven. Christ's death AND resurrection was not just for my own personal gain. In fact, I deserve it least of all. But he died to redeem the entire creation- birds, trees, rivers, lakes, flowers, our minds, music, art, language...everything.

This Lent season has been difficult. And it is only the second week in. Television and movies seem like such a small sacrifice compared to that of my Lord. Think about this, March came in with both a Lion and a Lamb. It isn't one or the other. Christ rules all creation. His sacrifice and resurrection were a victory over the grave, and now He reigns.

So, did your March come in with a Lion or a Lamb? Or did the diversity of YAHWEH bring you to your knees? In this Lent season, where we remember the sacrifice of Christ, perhaps it is necessary to address what is God over your life. Perhaps it is time to practise Lent. I have found, over the last few years, that it is not enough to just go to church and know. It is to experience. Whether it be food, drink, games, television, etc., pick something that is enjoyable to you, and give it up. It is not too late to start.

(for you LOST fans, Yes, the guy who plays Desmond also played Jesus.)

Word of the Day: Congratulations

Quote of the Day: "Americans are such sore losers." Chad Haverkamp

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