Jan 19, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon Thoughts

I'm sitting in the quiet of my dorm, chore done, living room cleaned. The quiet of my playlist is keeping me company while I make my way through a Margaret Atwood book. I must start the essay on it tonight.

Its quite the playlist, I realize. Subtle and reverent (Bart Millard's rendition of old hymns) to convincing and convicting (Switchfoot and Casting Crowns), I'm struck by the ageless praise that comes from the old and the new.

And then, as I pay for the semester, I hear my bank account cry a little.

Word of the Day: Attractive (thanks to Joel)

Quote of the Day: "I'm saying that Eowyn is Aragorn's female equal, not that she deserves him!" Emily, on LOTR (specifically in a debate between Arwin and Eowyn as possible mates for Aragorn)

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