Jan 23, 2010

Disney and Faulty Contact Lenses

Big plans for this weekend. I have finished a week's worth of intense homework, finished 2 books, wrote 2 essays (on those books) and started off the week with a nasty case of the flu, which I later deemed as just exhaustion.

So, this weekend is going to be restful. I have no laundry to do, no pressing homework. I plan to clean my room (which has been incredibly neglected these last few days), maybe make a few cards this afternoon and tomorrow, and finish the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Peter Jackson did a wonderful job on those movies. For all the special effects, ability to follow the story line and well done interpretation of Tolkien's books, it's sad that they couldn't have remembered Legolas's contact lenses. Watch the movies again. Notice that in the Fellowship of the Ring, Legolas's eyes are brown. Then, watch The Twin Towers. His eyes are blue for most of that movie, except for one scene in Rohan. I wonder if they watched those movies after they were released and thought to themselves, 'ah, CRAP!'...

Last night Lauren, Kait, Hilbert and myself took a trip out to Swiss Chalet for dinner. It was cheaper than doing groceries. Afterwards, we hung out at Hilbert's place with Charl, Alex and Greg. We played this card game called 'Bang' (it involves shooting people...) and then enjoyed some conversation regarding the Disney vault. Good for laughs. And, of course, this little treasure,

I'm not a fan of Family Guy at all, but I have definitely had this sung to me in the DriveThru.

Word of the Day: positive

Quote of the Day: "I wish I could just break into the Disney Vault!" -Charl

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