Jan 28, 2010

A little bit of controversy.

Stephen Lewis was at Redeemer. If you know anything about who he is, or what he stands for, you can understand where the controversy comes from. So if you are interested to know what has made headline news, please feel free to check out all the links.

As someone on the editing staff of the Crown, I would like to remind readers that this viewpoint is not that of the Crown, or any of its staff. Controversy needs to be printed sometimes. If you are angry at the article, I am too. But consider why you are angry.

I encourage you to read them all. Read the comments that go with them.

The basic information on the night with Stephen Lewis can be found here.

The article that has recieved much response can be found here.

Another viewpoint, perhaps more relevant, is by Jan Korevaar, found here.

Now, consider Stephen Lewis as a world figure. His website, www.stephenlewisfoundation.org offers more information on who he is. He is an advocator of Pro-Choice. He is also a significant figure in the fight for world justice, AIDS in Africa, and an advocate of human rights.

Now, consider the articles. As Christians, in response to all of those articles, perhaps casting stones, as Christ condemns, isn't the way to go about things. After all, haven't we all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God? Is our anger justified? Is Redeemer really to be scolded for asking a man of such world influence into its school to speak at the Social Justice conference?

Now that is a little bit of controversy.

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