Feb 9, 2009

Me vs. Monday

Monday and I are in a constant battle. Sometimes he wins, sometimes I do.
These last two weeks, I have been losing quite miserably. Last week, I had a fever, this week, Monday is thrusting me into a week of Midterms and gross school things. I feel like sleep will not be a part of my life again for a long time.

It's an epic war. I remember one week when Monday came around and I refused to let him wear me down! You see, this semester, he is my ugliest day. In all honesty, I quite prefer Thursdays to all other days of my week. Thursday is nice. Thursday leaves me hours for sleep. Mondays, not so much. Monday makes me get up early, and then forces me to go to lots of class, and have little or no time to do homework, because as soon as I get a chance to sit down and think about something (like I am now,) I have to go back to the school again. Monday's don't end.

Is it wrong that I'm becoming stereotypically grudged against Monday? I can't imagine how he feels, knowing the majority of the western world hates him. The bearer of bad news, the beginning of a work week. It's not his fault he's such a dreary day...or is it?

Either way, Monday is doing a great job of introducing me to the exhaustion I am going to suffer for the next few days. I have midterms tomorrow and Wednesday, as well as loads of studying, catching up from last week's flu fiasco and Fiddler on the Roof production. I have to finish filling out my RA application form for next year. I have laundry which I have been planning to accomplish for 3 days now-that needs to be finished for Wednesday evening, and then I need to pack my life up into a suitcase and truck my butt down to Detroit airport.

Thursday I leave for Mexico with a team of students from this school. We are going down on a mission trip to (don't judge me) Cancun. It's going to be a really great experience- we're living with host families, and working and learning about the culture. I'm really excited. But I have so much to think about and do before Thursday, that this trip is shoved in the back of my brain. I just pray I get through midterms. I pray God will give me the energy to keep studying, and the brain power to actually absorb everything.

And now, I have about an hour before class. I feel a nap coming on. Monday wins out again. Oh well, there's always next week.


Deborah said...

Mondays are not my favorite either. I'll be praying for you and your busy week -- as well as safety on your mission trip! God bless!!

Anonymous said...


Monday is a "he"?


I always thought she was a "she".


Anonymous said...

you are going to be an RA?!? Exciting! I would love to hear some details...I hope your semester is ok :)
- Love from Paris,