Nov 23, 2008

Memoirs of a Pack Rat

This afternoon was lovely. I spent most of it cleaning my room, which was quite relaxing.

I am a pack rat. I think its inherited. As I was scrummaging through my papers and books and creative writings that I brought along to school, I found many forgotten items. Here's a short list.

-a postcard from Disney World from grade 11
-minutes to a VBS organizer committee meeting (I wasn't even involved in this)
-Youth Service song orders (I was involved in this)
-A floppy disk with puppy dog stickers on it
-A disposable camera
-Sheet music
-A letter I wrote to a friend and never mailed
-Some old journals (why did I bring these?)
-Clear Tape refills
-my stickers!
-a sock (singular. It's mate got thrown in the garbage years ago)
-A SERVE t-shirt
- 2 blank CDs
-about 20 books I had forgotten I'd brought
-an envelope of coupons (anyone want these?)
-2 mittens..that didn't match
-a package of pens which had exploded
-a to-do list, which apparently didn't get done, because these things were all still packed.

The good news is, most of this stuff was either sorted through or rid completely. My room is much cleaner, and the recycle box is full of paper!

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Deborah said...

Are the coupons expired :-P?