Nov 4, 2008

Make Me Angry

The guys next door have it figured out.

Dorm inspection is coming up on Thursday. This means, we get to clean.

They thought they should lock me up in their dorm after making me really angry.

I have this thing, where I clean when I'm angry. I get angry because things are not clean. It's a rather vicious circle. However, one of the guys next door made a comment about making me realllllly angry and then locking me in their dorm on Wednesday night so that their dorm would pass dorm inspection. I have to commend them for this. It was not only a good joke, but it could actually work.

Our dorm, however has a more logical solution to the problem of dorm inspection. Clean your own dorm yourselves. We are having a cleaning/dance party.

1 comment:

Deborah said...

Lol! Sounds like fun! -- The cleaning/dance party. I always crank the tunes when I clean.