Jul 27, 2008


One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Put together with some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. Matt has been taking lovely shots of creation as the bike tour continues. It never ceases to amaze me, the handywork of God. From the roaring mountains to the sweeping valleys to the deserts and everything in between.

'And the holy voices sing, "Allelu, ever will thy reign be." As I wander through this life, o Lord, be thou near to me.'

The song is by Selah and can be found on their duets CD.

A small part of me cries this every morning. Oh Lord, Be near to me, get me through this day. But these lyrics, paired up with the amazing works of HIS hands, are just incredible. Some of the greatest moments I've experienced, humbled in the Power of Christ, have been in the simple awe of his creation. Where He spoke in the silences. Not in the wind, not in the rain, not in the thunder, nor the lightening. But in the rainbow, and the sweet flower. "I am near to you." The desire we have, to ask for His guidance is what fuels life. What fuels the church.

This summer, 221 riders from the CRC and RCA have embarked on a cross continental bike tour to raise money for the poverty campaign. They have reached and heightened their fundraising goal. They have experienced the North American terrain, taken photographs, grown close to the other riders, and grown closer to God. The ambitions are great, the glory is God's.

NOTE: Matt's blog can be found at http://www.rekmanseatosea08.blogspot.com/ . He keeps updated the bike tour, as well as fundraising goals, and simple things he has experienced on the trip, however, you won't find anymore of his pictures there. For that you need to go on Facebook.


Rekman Sea to Sea 2008 said...

Wow. Thanks Brittany. You did a really good job with those. And I still have over 5 weeks of photos to come :P

Deborah said...

Hi Brittany,

I'm still enjoying reading your blog. I love the depth of what you write.

It is hard to believe that anyone cannot believe that we have a Creator God when we look at the handiwork around us! Times spent outdoors enjoying the world He made are still some of the most moving for me too!