Jul 24, 2013

Summer Vacation: Family Edition

When I was a kid, my family always took summer holidays near Sauble Beach at a small campground on Chesley Lake. The trailers we would stay in are more like small cottages (the insides renovated and additions added on for more space), and are owned by relatives on my mom's side. It had been 5 (?) years since we had been to Chesley Lake, and so, this being my last summer in the province for a while, we all coordinated our schedules and made it out for a family vacation.

We had a beautiful week. The fish were biting, the sun was shining, and the wool was on sale at a nearby flea market. There were smores, sunhats, boat rides, ice cream, an afternoon at the beach, and breakfast cooked over a campfire.

Nothing like being on a boat to calm one's spirits.

He's a regular fisherman.

God's good creation is such a blessing to behold. 

Beach days. Sun-loving. 

Heaven for the yarn-enthusiast.

My beautiful mother fosters my hobbies. I am just like her that way.


Natural skylines.

Peculiar wildflowers to warm the heart.

Giant bass to please the fisherman.


Sun hats, sunglasses, and things like solitude.
It was the perfect way to begin the bidding farewell of my Ontario world. I loved spending time with my family, and relaxing in the place my heart feels most peaceful. It is one of the things I am going to miss in my time away - spending time with the people I love most dearly in a place that hold so many great childhood memories.

I hope your summer is as blessed as mine has been.


Father said...

Nice pics Brittany, and it was a lovely family vacation. Everyone was calm! lots of relaxation in different forms. To bad it can't last longer.Love Dad.

joyce said...

Love your post! Great pictures! Captured our holiday to a T! Lots of everything that is good in life... especially family! Looking forward to more family holidays at Chesley Lake!!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie love the blog sounds like a fun time. Your writting is beautiful add aittle romance to it and you got a great novel best seller in my books and I'd never put it down
Love ya Bethie