Jan 28, 2012

Hamilton Thrifting

I've recently taken to the thrifting realm of Hamilton, and in the last several months I've managed a few impressive finds. I've collected a few classy H&M tunic dresses, an adorable assortment of cardigans, a fitted black jacket, and a floral sweater that my mother just despises (she thinks it makes me look like an old woman... I however, love it).

I've found several fantastic pairs of boots for friends, including a barely worn, leather (worth upwards of $250.00 new) Guess Cowboy boots ($24.99, Talize), and a pair of Aldo leather mini-boots, buckled in all the right places, also bairly worn (again, retail price over $150.00 here) for less than $15. I'm starting to find a knack for these unique finds.

However, my favourite find thus far came to me today. They are a pair of vintage, black, mid-calf, 80s, leather boots. And they cost me less than $15.

Now, quite frankly, this photo does not to them justice. They are absolutely gorgeous. The inside is lined with cotton-wool, the stitching is tight, they were made in Canada. The best part, however, is the smell. These boots smell of old leather, and this might be the best part. 

Over the Christmas break, I was encouraged to watch a YouTube video entitled "The Story of Stuff." It's about a 20 minute video outlining the wastefulness of our culture. After viewing it, horrified at my own wastefulness, I tried to figure out a way I could lighten my ecological footprint. Since God instructs we take care of the earth, I figured it was about time I started taking that  mandate a little more seriously. 

Fashion is an extensive industry. On the one hand it has provided a creative outlet for designers to paint the human body in decorative colours and fabrics that are simply beautiful. On the other, the mass production of our cardigans, American Eagle jeans and campus wear have been synthesized by the labour force in third world countries - and that's something that I no longer feel comforable partaking in. 

Thus, I am divorcing myself from the mall (with the exception of underwear and bras, and restoking my panty-hoes or leggings). And, let's be realistic, thrift shopping is more fun.

It will be difficult, but I have no doubt it will be worth it. Many of my favourite wardrobe pieces have come from Talize or Value Village, and they are items that are name-brand (Gap, Tommy Hilfigure, Roots, a 90s Harvard sweatshirt...). And, let's be realistic. In the end, it's going to save me a LOT of money. 

Here are a few of my other finds from today:

Fun printed Majora dress; $6.99. Belt; Ardene; $4.00

Leather Boots; Talize; $14.99. Belt; see above. Dress; (originally H&M) Talize; $6.99.
Cardigan; Smart Set; $12.99.

I'm also currently re-hemming another cute summer dress that I got for less than $6. I noticed when I got it home that the hem had come out, but luckily my new-found quilting skills have prepared me for a various amount of other sewing projects. And, I'm proud to say, in the spirit of keeping a good ecological footprint (along with the fact I would have no idea how to use a sewing-machine), I'm doing all of this by hand.

Word of the Day: Thrift

Quote of the Day: "Jesus sing over me... you're everything I need." Mercyme

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